Product data

OBSOLETE - Medium velocity nozzle

Available with different K-factors: 16, 23, 40, 59

The Thermospray medium velocity spray nozzle is designed to produce a solid cone of evenly distributed water droplets, the majority of which are less than 0.4mm Ø. The water velocity at the nozzle exit lies between 15 and 25 m/sec when used within the recommended operating pressure range of 1.4 to 3.5 bar. Above 3.5 bar the droplet size decreases reducing the fire plume penetration and increasing the risk of spray pattern distortion by wind.

The Thermospray is designed primarily for use in engineered fire protection systems to provide exposure protection or to combat fuel fires with a flashpoint below 66ºC. Where fast flame knock down and security against burn back are important Foam-Water nozzles should be considered.

For protection of risks involving fuels with a flashpoint above 66ºC, for exposed protection, long throws or where high wind speeds are expected Fyrhed high velocity nozzles should be used.

Part number: 116-177559