Product data

OBSOLETE - Local protection

Low-pressure water mist system for local protection in accordance with IMO MSC/Circ. 913

Low-pressure water mist fire-fighting system provided for local fire suppression in areas, as specified in SOLAS II-2/10.5.6 for category A machinery space, such as top of main engine, top of auxiliary engines, boiler fronts, incinerators and fuel oil separators.

The system may be released locally by use of manual release button within the protected space and from manned station or automatic by fire detectors for ships with unattended machinery space.

The central operating panel should always be located in the manned station

Control systems

  •  Option 1
    With integrated AutroSafe I/O for interconnection with the ship’s AutroSafe fire detection system. The advantage is saving cables as one of the AutroSafe loops are routed through the local protection control panel.

  • Option 2
    For integration with any type of ships fire detection system. Voltage free outputs from the ships fire detection system is required.

  • Option 3
    Touch screen operated system with integrated fire detector loops for conventional fire detectors. Automatic activation based on any two detectors on the loop covering one object.


  • Tested in accordance with IMO MSC/circ. 913
  • Low water consumption, 1,1 – 1,6 l/min./m2
  • Low power consumption, 1,5 – 5,5 kW
  • Height 0,5 – 8 meters, operating pressure, 4 bar
  • Height 8 – 14,5 meters, operating pressure, 9 bar
  • Small pipe size, ¾”
  • Low weight piping, PN10 and PN16
  • Type approved by all major classification societies
  • Holding wheel mark certificate, Module B and D


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