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OBSOLETE - Accommodation

Low-pressure water mist system for accommodation and public spaces in accordance with IMO MSC Res. 265(84).

The Autronica low-pressure water mist fire suppression system is provided for accommodation areas as specified in the FSS Code chapter 8, section 1 and 2. 

The control system consists of a single CPU or two CPUs where Safe Return to Port is required. Accommodation system zone monitoring is either hardwired to the CPU or connected to the Ethernet ring via IE/As-I link modules.

Operation / Indication are by minimum two touch screens connected to the Ethernet.

The micro nozzles have integrated heat sensitive elements with ultra fast response
character at a nominal release temperature of 57°C. The system can be delivered together
with FlexiFOG total flooding and local protection without the need of having a double set
of pumps or control panels.

Low-pressure water mist system for protection of accommodation area as specified in IMO MSC Resolution 265(84) and SOLAS II-2/12.


  • Tested in accordance with IMO MSC Res. 265(84)
  • Less power consumption, 15 – 30 kW
  • Less pressure, 10 bar
  • Less weight piping, PN16
  • Smaller dimensions
  • Less water flow, 2 l/min/m2
  • Type approved by all major classification societies including MED certificate module B and D.
  • Flush mounting
  • Customer specified colours


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