OBSOLETE - Drencher systems

Autronica drencher systems are reliable, simple and effective fire suppression systems.

Our drencher systems offer significant advantages:

  • Quick fire suppression
  • Sea water can be used, even with water mist nozzles
  • Prevent fires from spreading over a large area by means of water curtains
  • Cool down protected equipment
  • Simple and reliable operation
  • High flexibility in design and installation

Autronica drencher systems are used to protect different areas onboard, both inside and outside. For instance:

  • Cargo tank decks as chemical oil/tankers
  • LFL and seismic vessels
  • Car-decks (open or closed)
  • Helidecks and helicopter landing areas
  • Bow and stern loading areas
  • LNG and other fuel tanks

Depending on the application, low expansion foam in different mixing concentration can be added to the water. All the foams concentrates are approved by all the major classifications societies and fulfill IMO requirements.

Discharging devices
Autronica can deliver a broad range of discharging devices to meet the requirements set by applicable regulations and to satisfy the needs of each specific vessel. In particular for car decks, we can offer a water mist nozzle approved with use of sea water: this is a unique product providing huge benefits to our customers.

  • Highly reduced water consumption (around 1/3 compared to traditional water spray nozzles)
  • Smaller drainage pumps
  • No need for dedicated water pumps
  • No need for fresh water tank

Other discharging devices include: Jet/fog nozzles, manual and remote operated monitors, water spray nozzles, branch-pipes and pop-up nozzles.

All foam discharging devices have been tested according to the relevant regulations and fulfill IMO requirements.