Argonite - inert gas suppression systems

Critical facilities require fire protection systems which can detect and suppress fires quickly without harming equipment, facility, or the environment.

The Argonite® system consists of one or more cylinders, usually of a pressure of 300 bar each, connected via a common manifold. System actuation can be manual or automatic, and the gas is released through a restrictor and a pipe network and discharged in the protected area via nozzles. System design, cylinder size and pressure together with computer calculated pipe and nozzle dimensions ensure an effective release and distribution of the required quantity of Argonite gas. Argonite's excellent capability to displace oxygen eliminates the fire promptly.

If more than one area is to be protected, a central bank system with diverter valves to each of the rooms can be used. The Argonite® central bank system is typically installed in a central area with distribution pipes to the protected spaces, which can be some distance from the cylinder storage area. Distances of over 100 meters are not uncommon.

System design
In a closed space, almost all fires are extinguished in less than 60 seconds when the oxygen concentration falls below 15 %. The Argonite® fire suppression system is based on a mixture of 50 % Argon and 50 % Nitrogen; it reduces the oxygen concentration to a level acceptable to human exposure over short periods – thus eliminating the fire quickly and effectively without affecting personnel. Knowing the size and complexity of the area to be protected, the fire hazard present and requirements of the local approving authority, a dedicated computer program is used to specify the size and geometry of the Argonite® system hardware.

Reliability assured
Our training program ensures that our engineering and operational staff are fully qualified and trained with regard to the Argonite® system. All designs are in accordance with our approved flow calculation software. This is licensed and only to be used by authorised persons who are trained and endorsed by us. We provide solutions that are optimized for extinguishing fires in all types of fixed equipment, for instance telecommunications equipment, server rooms, archives, control rooms, production plants and machinery and offshore installations.

The Argonite gas is environmentally neutral – zero ODP and zero GWP.


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