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Fire alarm control panel BS-420M

BS-420M is the main panel in the AutroSafe family. It can be used as a stand-alone panel as well as part of a network system.

All operations, alarm management, indications and other functions within an operation zone are controlled and handled by the panel. The panel is equipped with a display, light indicators, a numeric keypad, a navigation wheel and special function buttons (e.g. Silence Alarms). Loop driver, input and output modules can be connected. An integrated AutroFieldBus interface makes it possible to connect AutroFieldBus equipment to the panel. All AutroSafe systems must include at least one BS-420M panel.

For engineering purposes, we have established kits to be equipped according to specifications.

Included in the cabinet:

  • Power supply module BSS-310A
  • Communication module BSL-310


  • Loop driver module BSD-310
  • Loop driver module H.P. BSD-311
  • BS-100 loop driver module BSD-330
  • Output module BSB-310A
  • Output module BSJ-310
  • Input module BSE-310
  • Input module BSE-320
  • Dual power monitoring module BSS-311

An Al_Com+ stack can contain up to six loop driver modules (BSD-3xx). By using AutroFieldBus, an additional Al_Com+ stack (with up to six additional loop driver modules) can be added to the system.

NOTE! The AutroSafe panels are certified with the Al_Com+ modules mounted inside the panel cabinet.

Part number: 116-KIT-BS-420M