We provide a wide range of TruVision cameras. All cameras can be used both on TruVision and UltraView recorders. H.264 support, true day/night.

Wedge cameras

Low profile cameras with an aestethic profile. Ideal for use in entrances, hallways, elevators and offices.

Bullet cameras

A camera that works in low/no light environments. Integration of camera and IR technology. Ideal for outdoor applications, and engine rooms.

Box cameras

A camera with interchangeable lenses and housing. Can easily be aimed at all angles. Ideal for perimeter monitoring and outdoors applications.

Dome cameras

Ceiling mounted, vandal proof cameras, working in low/no light environments. Ideal for entrance, hallways, casinos, and outdoors (IP66-rated versions).

360° cameras

A discrete camera with continuous 360° viewing, and central point setup. Ideal for open areas and on stages.

Covert cameras

If you need a hidden camera, or have limited space, this is the camera you need. Ideal for elevators, ATMs or other covert locations.

PTZ cameras

A camera with optical zoom, pan & tilt freedom and live viewing. Ideal in casinos, outdoors (IP66-rated versions) and engine rooms.