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Local alarm delay unit BN-303/LS

Enables delay of alarm routing outside the local area which the unit is connected to (Autroprime; 1 detection zone, AutroSafe; up to 10 detection zones), plus temporary stop of smoke detection in the local area. For the Swedish market only.

The unit is typically used in apartment buildings, student housing, studios, office buildings etc.

BN-303/LS is used with Autroprime interactive fire detection system, version 1.1 or later, plus AutroSafe interactive fire detection system, version 4.4 or later.

Note that the local area which the unit is connected to must be configured as a Delayed Action detection zone or Delayed Coincidence detection zone, and the system must be in Day Mode. It is possible to temporarily stop smoke detection, not heat detection. 

Heat detectors and manual call points will always remain acti ve. Smoke detection for Multi Sensors will temporarily be stopped, i.e. only heat detection will function. If the automatic routing of an alarm has already been sent to the fire brigade, it will not be possible to operate the local alarm delay unit.

The unit has Swedish texts.

Part number: 116-BN-303/LS/SWE


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