Gas detectors

A full line of infrared, electrochemical, metal oxide semiconductor, and catalytic gas detectors create a reliable first-line of defense against hazardous gases.

Infrared hydrocarbon gas detectors

In the demanding environments of the petrochemical oil and gas industry, fire and gas detection has to deliver optimal results at all times.

Acoustic gas detectors

Detect pressurized gas leaks instantly without contact, regardless of wind direction.

Toxic gas detectors

Detecting toxic gas requires approved and reliable technology. Our detectors detect toxic gases using electrochemical technology.

Toxic gas sensor modules

The AutroTox ATD can detect a wide range of gases, by combining the detector with one of the following gas sensor modules.

Universal displays

The AutroVu universal display provides non-intrusive calibration, local event logging, and third-party performance certifications. The display can reduce spare-parts inventory by operating with a wide variety of flame and gas sensors. It is HART and Modbus compatible and can accept a universal selection of toxic and combustible gas sensors.