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Autronica Fire and Security offers a comprehensive, high-quality range of products and services within our field and implements customer-oriented, efficient solutions. Our systems are based on the latest technologies and are founded on a broad basis of knowledge and experience.

Decades of research, development, experience and know-how has made Autronica Fire and Security the preferred supplier for the most demanding customers world-wide. Being pioneers within our field, we continue with our vision of long term growth and investment in state of the art technology, leading the way into a safer future.

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Aspirating detectors
Autronica provides cutting edge detection with the AutroSense series of aspirating detectors. The series includes AutroSense 75, AutroSense Micra 10, AutroSense Micra 25, AutroSense Micra 100 and AutroSense 200.
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Fire detection systems
Autronica Fire and Security offers conventional, analogue addressable and interactive fire detection systems for any application.
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Beam detectors
Autronica Fire and Security offers optical beam detectors for smoke detection.
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Flame detectors
Autronica Fire and Security offers Flame Detectors.
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Gas detectors
Autronica Fire and Security offers Point Gas Detectors and Open Path Gas Detectors.
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Extinguishant control system
Autronica's extinguishant control system AutroXT provides reliable fire protection through standards-compliant extinguishant control. The panels are meant to be used together with AutroSafe 4 or Autroprime interactive fire detection systems.
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Voice alarm systems
Our voice alarm - AutroVoice - avoids the use of confusing and often frightening emergency bells or sirens. It uses a public address system (PA) to tell the public what the emergency is, where it is, and what to do.
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Fire suppression systems
Autronica Fire and Security offers various fire suppression systems, including; Water Mist Systems, Gaseous Systems and Foam Systems.
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Presentation systems
AutroMasterIntegratred Safety and Emergency Management System is a complete presentation system for control and monitoring of alarmed areas, and forms an integrated part of the fire detection system.
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Alarm units - all fire detection systems
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Other units - various systems
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Alarmline linear heat detectors
Cable-based system providing econiomcal termperature monitoring at the precise point of risk.
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